What is the most popular fabric worn to church by Nigerians? No surprise there. That would be Ankara. And ladies, in particular, are guilty of dressing up in Ankara on Sundays. It seems to be the norm. Keep wearing Ankara in the meantime. It’s a certainty that you can always switch to ready-made apparel whenever you want. In addition, if you put your spin on the Ankara styles for ladies, you can stand out from the crowd.

Ankara Styles for Women

This fabric is so popular today. Ultimately, it is not the availability of a material that worries fashionistas but rather the style to use it. So this should not be a concern. Besides, you can style Ankara in many different ways. Additionally, if you combine it with these Ankara tips that’ll make you stand out, you won’t be willing to settle for less.

1. Choose a style that has beautiful details

Would you like to stand out while wearing an Ankara style for ladies? Make sure you adorn your style with attractive details. The class attracts attention most of the time. And if you pick one with unique pieces, you become the object of everyone’s attention.

2. Know what your body type is

Choosing a style just because it looks good is not enough. Have you considered your physical characteristics? Have you got extra fat around your abdomen? Look for Ankara styles that conceal a big belly. Do you have a pear body type, or are you straight? When seeking a class, make sure it complements and flatters your body type because if it does not, you will look unflattering.

3. Select Fabrics With Unique Patterns

You must do more than choose a suitable manner to rock Ankara styles for ladies and make yourself stand out. You should also check the fabric you’ll use to make the dress. Will it be beautiful enough? Will the prints be appealing? Will they be unique? The fabric pattern will significantly promote your look if you answer these questions. Besides combining Ankara with other fabrics such as net, lace, or jeans, you can use different materials to make your outfit unique. This will make you look more distinguished.

4. Make sure your dress fits perfectly

After your tailor has completed your dress? Check it carefully. Are the measurements correct? Does the fit feel snug to you? You should wear clothing that fits correctly. You shouldn’t wear excessively loose or tight clothing. Each part of the dress should be evident that it belongs to you. You make a blooper when the reverse is true.

5. Wear the appropriate accessories

Your attire would not be complete without these little extras. Accessorize your Ankara styles for ladies to make them look even better. Choose a statement jewel to complete your look. Do not forget to wear sunglasses to complete your look. You should also pay attention to your shoes and bag. Remember to choose accessories that are appropriate for your attire.

6. Have confidence in yourself.

If you don’t implement tip six, your efforts will be in vain after adhering to tips one to five. Have confidence. You are the one who decides what you wear and how. There is no need to feel shy or second-guess yourself. Make them proud of you and get started.

Ankara dress

Here are some inspirations. Undoubtedly one of them will work for you. Ankara dresses for slim girls. There’s nothing more boisterous than afro fashion. This collection has bizarre patterns, vibrant colors, and funky silhouettes. Many Africans wear it since they claim it originated and is widespread.

However, the trend of African fashion staples like Ankara has spread worldwide. Across the board, everyone is caught up in the Ankara fever and has begun to make it a staple of their wardrobes. In most cases, you’ll see Ankara style worn by curvy and voluptuous women online, but it is not limited to those figures like any form of clothing. Slim-figured women do not have to worry about it either.

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Can you make a dinner gown out of Ankara?

If you’d like to draw attention to and modify your waistline, an Ankara gown with a corset is a fantastic choice. Anyone around will have their views restricted if the dress contains a corset. The corset draws attention to the waist and emphasizes the view of the waist.

 Slim fit Ankara styles

In anticipation of plying you with a bombardment of high-fashion tips, we thought it prudent to share some helpful styling tips for slender women to accentuate and showcase their assets. The outfit you choose can significantly affect your appearance, so we recommend paying close attention to our advice.

Use the information to make your outfit perfect. Instead of using the trial and error method, it’s better to make sure you never make a mistake. Here are some Ankara styling tricks for slim women who want to achieve their desired appearance.

  • Be Vibrant: Choose vibrant colors and patterns rather than wearing monochrome or dark shades. Dark tones only highlight that you’re thin or even emphasize it, while bright colors make you appear fuller and healthier.
  • Choose the Right Scarves: Slender women can benefit from wearing scarves in several ways. By wearing a scarf, you’ll add color to your outfit if you’re wearing dark shades; by covering your curves, you’ll appear fuller and not bulkier; and third, by wrapping your neck, the scarf will shorten your neck.
  • You should layer your clothing: In Asian fashion hotspots such as Korea, where layering is a big trend, you do not have to layer out of necessity. Wearing many layers can give your slender frame the appearance of curvature and make you appear more striking.
  • Do Not Wear Skinny Jeans: Stay away from skinny jeans like the plague! Skinny jeans can harm your health in shocking ways, including making it difficult for you to conceive and causing pain in your stomach and thighs. Since skinny jeans give the impression that legs are long, skinny girls should avoid wearing them.
  • Wear loose or oversized clothing: You’ll also see oversized and baggy clothing worn freely in South Korean fashion culture. Additionally, they give the illusion of curviness in places you may not be.
  • Never use belts: Your slender self will only appear if you cinch a belt at the waist. Let’s not wear waist belts to prevent this from happening.


  • Ankara fashion style: what is it?

African fashion style Ankara (also spelled Ankara) is known for its clothing.

  • But what do Ankaras wear?

Ankara’s traditional printing technique is also known as ‘African print,’ ‘Holland wax’ or ‘Dutch wax,’ and ‘Kitenge’ or ‘Chitenge’ in East Africa.

  • How do Ankara skirts work?

How does Ankara fabric work? Ankara, which Advance Apparels uses in some of its skirts, is a traditional fabric used in African styles, particularly in West Africa.

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