Here are some of the hottest hairstyles for Asian men! This list of styles can help you determine the type of haircut you should get when you visit your barber next time. The techniques we are seeing this year are heavily influenced by volume, creativity, and neat, buzzed necklines.

Popular Asian Hairstyles Men

Asia’s hair culture has been evolving for a long time, and today we see a variety of styles for Asian men all over the globe that extend past the Qing Dynasty days. Japanese Samurai warriors were known for their “Man Bun” hairstyle. There are several varieties of the “Man Bun,” such as the loose man bun undercut and the half-bun up. Korea and K-Pop culture are also known for their two-block haircuts. Fake hawks, side parts, and eyebrows are also famous among young men.

The hairstyles of Asian men have evolved into displays of greater versatility. They tend to experiment with various hairstyles to make the most of their thick, dense hair.

Slicked back is a classic style

This sleek style exudes sophistication. The slicked back is glossy and paired with white sidewalls. It doesn’t take much effort to pull this off, which is quite surprising. All you have to do is use gel to slick it back, and you’re set. Everything else is just a matter of maintaining a tidy, classic tapered cut.

Two-Block Layered Haircut

There are slight variations in length between the top and sides of this gently textured layer cut. This hairstyle is one of the easiest and softest Asian haircuts. If you take good care of your hair, you can achieve this look with little effort. Don’t forget to use a moisturizing conditioner when you do this!

Taper with textured edges

This fade has a lot of texture! At the crown, the hair grows into a unique mass of longer, messy layers, buzzed almost to the skin at the neck. While this style has a rough edge, it’s one of the Asian hairstyles for guys who don’t mind spending a lot of time in front of the mirror; all those spikes take time to style.

The Mohawk with a twist

Mohawk haircuts are a good choice for men who like to do things themselves. Even with the architectural lines etched into the side, it’s not too precise. Asian hairstyles are the type of styles that can be achieved at home with a few mirrors and clippers.

Undercut Top Knot

Here’s a creative way to wear the undercut. The fade includes two lines at the temple and a more extended section with bleached tips tucked neatly at the top. To accomplish this, you’ll have to go to the barbershop frequently for maintenance and styling. Bold and bolder than any man bun style you’ve ever seen!

A bowl cut Asian style

There was a time when bowl cuts were considered an embarrassing relic of the 1990s. But this look is anything but old-fashioned and highly trendy right now. If you’re a young male who loves attention, you’ll love this look.

Classic taper with side swept bangs

Bouncy curls characterize the style on top that fades into a gentle fade at the neck. If your hair has some natural texture, you shouldn’t need much styling or maintenance for this cut. Young men will look great with this cut.

Faux hawk with a sharp-edged edge

You’re going to love this cut if you enjoy hanging out in the barbershop! The barber must pay attention to detail on this haircut, and you will need to check yourself in the mirror every day to be sure everything still looks good.

The French crop with a bangs

An elegant, stylish young man would look great with a French crop haircut. The style is modern without being predictable. With this simple style, you will show off the texture of your hair with minimum effort. Make it look perfect by running a comb through it or sculpting it with your hands!

A K-pop style hairstyle

This is a more grown-up alternative to the dreamy bedhead style. While more casual types are more suitable for an informal setting, this one is appropriate for a professional environment. This style is perfect for young, fashionable, professional men. It’s clean, neat, soft, and attractive.

Crew Cut with Hard Part

Are you bored with crew cuts? Not anymore! Gelled spikes on top, a sharp fade overall, and gelled spikes all over make this crew cut extra-stylish. Furthermore, this look includes a tricky part for maximum sharpness. This is a style for guys who love to groom themselves in front of the mirror!

Is wavy hair unusual in Asia?

Ironically, having curly or wavy hair is common in South Asia. Contrary to popular belief, many women’s hair types have some degree of texture. While many women have been smoothing their hair for years, some cherish their curls.


Since Caucasian hair is more opaque than hair from other ethnic groups, it typically looks thicker. Nevertheless, of all ethnic groups, Asians have the strongest & coarsest hair.


  • What haircut should I get for an Asian man?

Asian guys with thick, healthy hair can choose from these 30 popular hairstyles.

  • The Korean haircut is called what?

Two-block haircuts display the sides and back of the head shaved or trimmed, leaving the top long and styled as desired.

  • Are men in China able to grow their hair long?

According to Confucian beliefs, long hair was a sign of virility and piety among Chinese men, from antiquity until the end of the Qing Dynasty. Haircutting was considered barbaric and even anti-social.