Indian Rummy consists of 13 playing cards for each player. The game is said to be inspired by 500 Rum and Gin Rummy. Players need to create sets by picking and discarding cards. The game also has a joker card which is a substitute for any card that the player wishes to have.  

The other name of Indian Rummy is Indian Cherokee Rummy and each player receives 13 cards at the start of the game; if there are 2 players then a 52-card deck is selected for the game, and if 6 players are playing then 2 decks of 52 cards each are selected. Each player draws cards and discards cards by turns until one player has melded their cards with a valid set that meets the Rummy approval rules.


Rummy is a card game that’s really popular in India. It’s usually played by two to six people. You use two decks of cards for two players, and three decks for more than two. At the start, each player gets 13 cards, which they have to mix into different sequences of sets. For example, 5, 6, and 7 of the same suits are a sequence or run, while 7, 7, and 7 of different suits are a set.

Indian Rummy also uses joker cards. You can substitute any card to form a combination. Each card has a specific number of points. Number cards have points equal to the face value. Face cards such as Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces have 10 points each. Jokers are worth 0 points. As you meld your cards, your point score decreases. Whoever achieves zero points first wins the game.


The following are the top three Indian Rummy variants that follow the same card-drawing and card-decision game:

  • Points Rummy is a game where the point value is set at the start. It’s the simplest and fastest way to play Indian Rummy. It’s easy for new players to learn and play.
  • Deals Rummy is a game where the number of deals is set at the start. Whoever has the most deals at the end wins. Usually, there are two or three deals. It’s like playing Points Rummy but for a set number of times. That’s why it takes longer to play Deals Rummy.
  • Pool Rummy is a game where you already are given a certain number of points at the start of the game. It is said to be the longest game of Indian Rummy, and it feels like playing Points Rummy over and over again until all the players excluding the one player who has accumulated 101/201 points, have to quit the game.


In Indian rummy, players must declare their cards in order to win the game. A player must have a total of 14 cards, of which 1 card must be removed. After removing the card, the player must combine the remaining 13 cards according to the rules of Indian rummy.

Some validation rules that player should meet are:

1. Complete at least one Pure sequence.

2. Use jokers to finish the sets.

3. Once your set is done and declared, the check is done.


  1. How many players are required to play Indian Rummy?

A minimum of two and a maximum of six players are required.

  1.  Can we use more than one joker in a single set?

No, there is only one joker in the Indian Rummy set.  

  1. Is Indian Rummy legal to play?

The legality of Indian Rummy varies from region to region.

  1.  What are the variations in Indian Rummy?

There are two popular variations in Indian Rummy, a 13-card variation and a 21-card variation.