Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of floating tanks. Floatation tanks give you a lot of benefits like better blood circulation and good mental health. These benefits can be obtained by floating inside a float tank and going to a sensory deprivation state. This article will discuss float tank and float tank benefits in detail.

Flotation tank

A float tank or floatation tank is a tank that has no light and sound and is filled with water, and concentrated magnesium sulfate-rich Epsom salt Heat is applied to the water to raise the temperature to that of the human body. Sensory deprivation is another name for floating. One person can float without any sound and sight in the floatation tank. In this state, that person drifted into a meditative state that will give numerous benefits to mind, soul, and body.

A variety knows float tanks of different terms, but all refer to the same thing. Following are the commonly known names of the floatation tank.

  • Isolation tank
  • Sensory deprivation tank
  • Flotation tank
  • Floatation tank
  • Float pad
  • Sensory Attenuation tank

So, next time if you see or listen to any of these names, you should consider this floatation tank. The salty water of the floatation tank allows you to float on the water’s surface with your back and some part of your head in the water. Floatation tanks are large enough to fit in it comfortably and stretch your whole body without touching the tanks’ roof or floor or even walls.

Another property of flotation tanks is that they are soundless, lightless, or dark. Due to the properties of a float tank, you can go into a deep meditative state while you float in the tank. You might feel comfortable and stress-free in this meditative state. Due to this relaxation, you can lower your body’s pains and relieve aches. One flotation cycle can last from a minimum of one hour to two hours.

The state of flotation

The state of floatation in the floatation tank is acquired by adding Epsom salt into the water. When water is infused with Epsom salt, it becomes denser. With increased density, the property of water called buoyancy increased. With this water, an adult man can easily float in the tank. Float tank water has the same properties present in the dead sea. Due to the high concentration of salt in the water in the dead sea, no one can drown in the dead seawater.

Float tank water and Epsom salt mixture have different quantities. For example, if in a float tank one thousand letters of water are present then five hundred and fifty kilograms of Epsom salt have been used to make that float tank. When water, magnesium, and sulfate-rich salt are mixed, the density of water changes resulted in increased buoyancy of the water. As a result, one can easily float in the floatation tank.

Magnesium and sulfate-rich Epsom salt

Due to magnesium and sulfate-rich Epsom, the salt person who lays down in the tank can float easily. Epsom salt has a lot of magnesium, and magnesium is the second most significant element in a human. A healthy person also needs magnesium. When users of float tank float on Epsom salt water, magnesium in a large quantity absorbed in the human body results in good health.

Floatation tank benefits

There are many benefits of the floatation tank. Details of some of these benefits are as follows.


Magnesium can go low in the human body due to stress, and magnesium is known as the best and natural remedy for stress. When someone floats in magnesium-rich water, then the body’s magnesium level will increase. Due to this high magnesium level in the human body, serotonin rejoins and binds with each other, a necessary hormone for happiness.

Relax body

Floatation tanks increase the good chemical level in the human brain. These good chemicals increase the feeling of relaxation in the body. Hence, as a result, the overall body feels betterment.

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Migraines or headache

Furthermore, Floatation therapy reduces migraines and headaches in addition to its many other benefits. This can be done by magnesium which is used in the floatation tank.


This is also included in the benefits of a flotation tank that will purify the human body from toxins and metal. These toxins and heavy metals are harmful to the human body and enter the body from a modern and polluted environment. By this purification, human muscles feel relaxed, and the human body’s pain clears out.

Glucose level

Magnesium-rich Epsom saltwater improves the overall health of the human body, including sugar levels. This therapy will help humans maintain blood glucose to a certain level and not allow diabetes to go up to a certain level.

Healthy heart

One man who goes through the flotation tank therapy has excellent heart health because this therapy improves blood flow in the body. It relaxes the heart arteries, prevents blood from clotting, and improves all blood flow in the human body.

Healthy bones

Magnesium, a component of Epsom salt necessary for bone health, is found in enormous amounts. Magnesium aid the human body to absorbs calcium in the body. Which increases the strongness of the bones.

Enhance senses

Floatation tank therapy, with other benefits, increase human senses, which will help in good health and a happy mood.


The floatation tank also enhances mental health and mental clarity.


What is the recommended frequency of using a float tank?

Floating once or twice a week provides the best results, and many of our clients find that this frequency is ideal. 

What are the benefits of float tanks for your hair?

Not. A swimmer’s cap that is waterproof seems to contain the water from getting in, mixing with hair color, and getting back into the tank as much. A swimmer’s cap seems helpful for the tank, but for anything that won’t get your hair wet.

Is sleeping in a float tank possible?

So, the short answer is yes; you can fall asleep in a float tank, even though you might mistake nodding off for reaching a deep, meditative state! However, there are still many questions you might have. Particularly if you’re new to floating. Sleeping through a float session is sometimes questioned as a waste of float time.