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Who Is Omar Epps? Omar Epps Net worth, Early Life, Personal Life, Career and More

omar epps net worth

Omar Epps

Omar Epps is an American citizen. He is famous for his multi jobs like he is working as an actor, he is also a rapper singer, he also produces a lot of music along with producing music he also writes songs. As of January 2022, he has a net worth of Fifteen Million US dollars. His followers greatly appreciated his work in the famous series “House, M.D.” In this series, he works as Dr. Eric Foreman.

Early life

Omar Epps was born in 1973 in the suburbs of New York and lived in the southwest of the state. He and his parents separated when he was a child, and his upbringing was carried out by his mother, Bonnie Maria, who dealt with a domestic dispute. Additionally, he lived in more than one neighborhood when he upgraded in Florida, New York, and Edford-Tyerman. Before starting his own business in advertising, he had experience working in a large group, i.e., Wolframs, an organization known for their agreement with cousin during 1991. In addition, he also participated in theatrical performances, sang poetry, and even enrolled in a class at the age of ten and enjoyed a wide range of classes.

Omar Epps agе, hеіght, and wеіght

Omar Epps was born in 1973. He celebrated his birthday on the July 20 of every year. As of January 2022, his age is 48 years. He is a tall man, and he is 1.79 meters tall. Besides his age, he manages excellent health. Due to this reason, his weight is 78 kilograms, which shows his utmost fitness and good health.

Personal life


Omar Epps got married in 2005. His wife name is Keisha Spivey. Keisha Spivey has a membership of the R&B group Total. Both of them met in 1996, since then, they dating each other.

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Omar and Spivey had two children. The name of their children and K’mari and Amir. Omar with his family currently lives in California.


Omar Epps can speak and understand three languages. Mostly he fluently speaks Spanish and French languages.

Net Worth

As of January 2022, he has a net worth of Fifteen Million US dollars.


Omar Epps was cast in many movies, and the following are the details of his acting career.


Omar Epps started his career by performing in the movie Juice in the 90s decade. He started performing as a professional actor in the eighties.

The Program

He starts his career as an actor by performing minor roles in movies like athletes and teenage characters who are always in trouble. One example of his trouble character that he performs in the movie Juice with the name of Q. Omar Epps also acts with famous actor James Caan on his second movie, which is based on a football story. The name of this movie is “The Program.”

Deadly Voyage

Till 1996 Omar Epps played minor roles in the movies. However, in 1996, he got a star character in a Television Movie. The name of this television movie is “Deadly Voyage’.” Deadly Voyage has initially been produced by a famous producer named John Goldschmidt. Omar Epp’s acting is too good to get an award for best actor nominees in this movie. This award is given to him for brilliantly performing his role as Kingsley Ofosu. Award was given to him at Monte Carlo Television Festival. The television film Deadly Voyage is based on an actual, real-life story. The sole survivor of nine African stowaways aboard the ship is MC Ruby.

Major League 2 and Higher Learning

In 1997 Omar Epps got a co-star role of Willy Mays Haynes in the famous movie “Major League 2”. He also got a lot of fame from this character. After this movie, he acts as a hero in “Higher Learning.” Higher Learning movies are produced by the talented producer John Singleton.

Scream 2

In 1997 his work in the super hit sequel “Scream 2” is also greatly admired by his fans. In scream two, he works alongside Jada Pinkett. He also worked in HBO movies in 1997. He played a starring role in “First Time Felon.” His role as a First-time felon was a small-time criminal. He went through a boot camp that was held in Chicago. In that reform boot camp, he was confronted with the adjustment of reemerging into the town with the popularity of an ex-con. Like Deadly Voyage, a First-time felon is also based on actual real-life stories.

The Mod Squad, The Wood, In Too Deep

After work in scream two, he got another role in the hit movie “The Mod Squad.” After this movie in 1999, he got a multidimensional role in “The Wood” movie. In this movie, he got more chances to show his natural talent and brilliance. In the movie “The Wood,” he works with famous actors Tay Diggs and T. Jones. In the later months of 1999, he got a chance to act in the movie “In Too Deep.” In this movie, Omar Epps worked with heroes like Stanley Tucci and LL Cool.

Love & Basketball

Omar Epp’s success story and career peek are not ended there. In 2000 he got more success and fame through a romantic sports drama film. This film is “Love & Basketball. In this movie, he worked and gained experience with Star Sanaa Lathan. His role named in this movie is Quincy. This movie also made a lot of recognition and was a box office hit movie. After this movie, he also got many awards.


Omar Epps is one of the few actors who find success in the acting field, although he is also talented in poetry. During the ’90s, he began turning points in his career, during which he rose to fame.

Not only did he act as an actor in certain feature films, but he performed a variety of medical dramas on television. From the 1980s until today, the actor has consistently given his best.


Epps, who co-starred with Tupac in the cult classic film Juice, reminisced about their time on set together and their friendship.

Born December 25, 2007, Omar Epps and daughter K’marie, born July 2004, live in California.

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