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All The Information You Need To Know About Replace Fireplace Insert

Replace Fireplace Insert

Open fireplaces and entertainment centers are often equipped with electric fireplace inserts; however, some types of fireplace inserts have a longer lifespan. Electric fireplace inserts can malfunction more because they have moving parts and are electrical equipment. Therefore, it may be necessary to remove an electric fireplace for cleaning and maintenance or replace it altogether.

You can remove the fireplace insert as follows:

Follow the installation instructions in the owner’s manual of the electric fireplace insert manufacturer when replacing it. Replace the new insert in the same order as you removed the old one. Since we’re installing our electric fireplace insert into our existing fireplace, we know how to remove that insert when repairing or replacing it. Check out the instructions below to learn how to remove and replace an electric fireplace insert.

Is it possible for you to remove an electric fireplace insert?

Electric fireplace inserts aren’t usually installed permanently and can be taken out as required. Many electric inserts may quickly be taken out and disconnected from the outlet, but if the insert is hard-wired in, it may require expert assistance to remove it entirely.

What are the best ways to remove an electric fireplace insert?

Check for any connections keeping the electric fireplace insert in place and remove them, then lift the electric insert out of its current location until the electrical connection can be seen. Pull the electric insert entirely out of the outlet after unplugging it from the socket.

1. Double-check your connections

Depending on how it was built, you may need to remove any connections keeping your present electric fireplace insert in place. This might be in the form of brackets and screws, but you’ll have to consult the insert’s owner’s handbook for information on how it was placed originally. Many electric fireplace inserts are not secured in any way.

2. Remove any back panels or surrounds

Electric fireplace inserts are frequently used in conjunction with other types of fireplaces. Electric fireplace inserts often come with a surround and rear panel that must be removed before the electric fireplace can be removed. To hold an electric fireplace insert in place, a surround may have been constructed. Brackets and screws are commonly used to secure a fireplace surrounding a wall.

A back panel, which covers the space between the surround and the insert, may include a fireplace surround. For example, the rear panel of our ancient cast iron fireplace surround is seen below. When the surround and screws were removed, the back panel quickly disappeared from the wall.

3. Take away any trimmings

Electric fireplace inserts frequently include a trim placed before or after installation to make them appear more built-in and genuine. Depending on your electric insert model, you may need to remove this trim to access the central unit.

4. Remove the Electric Fireplace Insert in Parts

Electric fireplace inserts are usually removed by pulling them towards you out of whatever they were installed in, such as an existing fireplace. When removing an electric fireplace insert, keep in mind that the device is most likely hooked into the electrics from behind. You can tell where this electrical connection is by partially removing the electric insert.

5. Disconnect the Electric Insertion

To remove an electric fireplace insert altogether, you must first unplug it from the power source. This is frequently accomplished by simply disconnecting the fireplace from the electrical socket into which it is hooked. This electrical outlet will, in most situations, be hidden beneath the unit (such as within the firebox of an existing fireplace). If the electric fireplace is directly connected to the power, you’ll need to disconnect it from an electrician before continuing.

6. Remove the electric fireplace insert completely

It is possible to altogether remove an electric fireplace insert once the electrics have been unplugged. In most cases, an electric fireplace insert may be removed entirely simply by sliding it out from the front. Electric inserts often feature a front section that can be gripped and used to remove it and a more significant rear section that must be removed before the entire unit can be removed.

What does a fireplace insert serve?

A sealed box installed into an established masonry fireplace is called a fireplace insert. Therefore, the old, ineffective wood fireplace is replaced with a modern, high-efficiency wood, gas, or propylene fireplace that will generate greater heat while using less fuel.

Which fireplace insert kind is best?

Because the air streaming to the fire can indeed be managed using changeable air vents, fires can burn more effectively and create more heat while using less fuel, making wood-burning inserts generally more economical than conventional fireplaces.


With the aid of a professional, removing a wood-burning insert should only cost between $500 and $1,000.

When your fireplace and chimney enclosure needs to be cleaned, a wood-burning fireplace insert must be removed.

Depending on the state of your existing chimney and the type you choose, most fireplace inserts and expert installation cost between $2,000 and $4,000.

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