Retractable Garage Door Screen

A retractable garage screen door is a flexible screen door that retracts and rolls into a container connected to the door jamb’s edge. A retractable window screen works the same way, except it retracts vertically rather than horizontally. These cutting-edge screen designs transform the door and window screen business, regardless of your outdoor screen demands.

You can quickly pull down retractable screens from your garage door when you want them. One person can easily open and close the panel with the spring-loaded system. We offered solid, durable frames and various screen options, including a pet-resistant one.

Why should you install a retractable garage door screen?

  • Protection against bugs and pests.
  • Maintains the garage’s cleanliness by keeping leaves and debris out.
  • Increase airflow and provide a pleasant environment to work or congregate in.
  • You will have added security when your door is left open for extended periods.

What is a retractable garage screen door, and how does it work?

When you’re not utilizing retractable doors, they “roll up” into housing that hangs vertically on the outer edge of the door jamb. A retractable screen door stretches over and connects to a fitting on the other side of the entryway in a single-door layout. In the case of large double doors, a retractable door magnetically closes in the center of the doorway to a second unit fitted on the other side. Attach a track along the top and bottom of the door jamb to keep the retractable screen in place while it’s extended. Why Should You opt for Retractable Window Screens Over Traditional Styles?

There are two primary reasons for installing a retractable screen door or window screen. The first is finding a regular screen door or screen to match the space offered by some outside door and window types. When it comes to selecting a screen door that is practical, useful, and stylish all at the same time, arched doors, French doors, and even some sliding-type doors can provide significant challenges. Because a retractable screen door can be fitted to any door type, from conventional to the most unusual, it is ideal for doorways where standard hanging screen doors are impractical.

The second reason to pick a retractable window screen over a regular type is the view. Year-round, standard screens are in your line of sight, dulling your view of the outdoors, accumulating dust and debris, and obstructing sunlight. That is no longer an issue with a retractable window screen or a retractable screen door. When these door and window screens are fully retracted, the view through your glass door or window is unhindered and as clear as day.

Retractable screen doors are pretty helpful

Aside from what has already been said, the advantages of these revolutionary screen technologies are evident. They provide convenience, ventilation, and security in entrances and windows where all three were previously unavailable. Take, for example, those French doors. Until recently, you’ve had to choose between allowing in the fresh air and keeping pests out. Not any longer. A retractable screen door gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy pleasant spring nights without worrying about pests like flies and mosquitoes entering your house.

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If you want to have a retractable door or window screen placed in your house, speak with a window professional who is familiar with these innovative screen solutions about getting your new retractable screen units installed as soon as possible.

The three most common garage door screen types

Let’s go through the various garage door screens on the market.

1. Garage door roll-up screens

These are the least priced garage door screens intended primarily for customers who will not use them frequently. A roll-up garage door screen is attached to the header and door jambs of your garage door. Then a zipper or magnet is used to open and close them.

2. Screens for retractable garage doors

These screens are designed into a housing system mounted to the header of your garage door. Remote control is then used to open and close the screen. This sort of garage door screen is quite popular since it closes off your garage from pests because it is fixed into the track and bottom rail, not to mention the simplicity of usage provided by the remote-control feature.

3. Sliding garage door screens

Track slider screens, also known as sliding garage door screens, are fixed devices set on moving tracks in aluminum frames. You may activate these garage screens manually or program them to the extra button on your current garage door remote. You may also use a second remote to control it if you like.

5 Advantages of using garage door screens

There are several significant advantages to putting garage door screens.

1. Square footage

The utilization of your garage as additional living space for your house is an excellent option to improve the usable area in your home. Many individuals, however, discover that the garage is not the most pleasant area to hang out. Garage door screens will fix this problem since they allow enough ventilation to keep you comfortable while keeping pests out.

2. Pest extermination

Pests, particularly flying insects such as flies, gnats, wasps, and mosquitoes, may make any environment uncomfortable. Installing garage door screens keeps pests out of your garage and helps keep them out of your home. This will also make your garage a more enjoyable area to work and socialize.

3. Enhanced security

Installing garage door screens will add an added layer of security to your property, especially if you like to keep your garage door open. A garage door screen makes it more difficult for a burglar to access your garage without making a noticeable noise quickly.

4. Energy conservation

A garage door screen eliminates the need for an air conditioner or portable fans in your garage. This will also assist in keeping your garage cooler, and hence your home cooler. All of these will help to lower your monthly energy cost.

5. Efficient energy use

A garage door screen eliminates the need to install an air conditioner or keep portable fans in your garage. This will also assist in keeping your garage cooler, which helps keep your home cooler. All of these will help you save money on your energy bill each month.


What is the price of a retractable garage screen?

Prices start at $50 and may go all the way up to $500. Stationary garage door screen versions usually are composed of flexible fiberglass mesh and cost between $200 and $500, depending on size. They usually include one zipper for a convenient garage entrance and adhesive loops for installation.

Are our retractable screens functional?

They look lovely and provide several advantages over sliding glass doors. Retractable screen doors will not prevent little children or pets from escaping when you do not want them to. In addition, pets and children may slip under and through some of these doors.