Thrust motorcycles were added to Grand Theft Auto 5, and GTA Online as High Life update 1.13 on May 13, 2014. Dinka Thrust bikes appear in the new High Life update for GTA 5 and GTA Online.

Thrust in GTA 5

In Rockstar’s game Thrust, a sport-touring motorcycle is designed and manufactured by a fictional Japanese company Dinka that does not exist in the real world, whose design was inspired by another honest Japanese company Honda.

The Dinka Thrust is a motorbike that appears exclusively in the Grand Theft Auto gaming series. It was released in Grand Theft Auto 5’s long-awaited “The Heists” update before that time; it had not been seen everyplace else in the GTA series. One of the unique features of the motorcycle is its vast, long, comfortable seat, this is why it’s a sport and a touring machine. Thrust and NRG 900 have unique turning bikes on their rear-view mirrors.

While Dinka Thrust is the fastest motorcycle in the game, it’s also the heaviest one, weighing in at 270 kilograms, which doesn’t affect any other technical characteristics. Thus, it has the worst acceleration of any motorbike in the game, only slightly faster than the Faggio scooter. Despite its mass handling, it has excellent brakes, which allows it to drop its top speed within a split second. On the website, you can purchase the Dinka Thrust for seventy-five thousand US dollars.

Design of Thrust in GTA 5

Thrust’s mainframe, mirrors, saddlebags, and body styling are based on the 2010 Honda DN-01; it has some resemblance to the 2014 Honda CTX700 (engine, lower fairing, and gauges) and the 2014 Honda CTX1300 (headlights and gauges).

Thrust appears to be a sports bike with a long body and aggressive styling and a small front fender screwed to the black fork legs. Simultaneously, the upper section has a long fairing with narrow headlights and turning lights over the mirror shells (similar to the NRG 900 and Carbon RS in enhanced form). In addition to the two extended arms intended for the handlebars, the upper clamp also features a compact windshield and a carbon-fiber housing for the motorcycle’s dials, similar to those on the Akuma and the Bati 801 sports bikes.

The engine bay is partially covered by a black protective frame, with an additional long fairing visible at the bottom. The engine bay is partially covered by a black protective frame, with an additional long fairing visible at the bottom. Side fairings with rear-facing exit vents adjacent to the intercooler are visible. A bulky fuel tank dominates the bike’s front, while black seats almost reach the back, just over the rear fender. A wide muffler is located near the rear wheel near the right side of the exhaust pipe.

A single red taillight is mounted on the end of the bike’s rear fender, and frames for turn signals and a license plate are attached to it. Left swingarm and chain drive connect the rear wheel to the bike. As for the fenders, fairings, and fuel tank, only a single color is available for the bike, and the wheels resemble Los Santos Customs’ “Speedway” rims.

Performance of Thrust in GTA 5

The thrust has decent acceleration for a motorbike of its class, but its top speed is exceptionally astonishing. A motorbike of this size and weight has rather a responsive handling, but its turning circle appears large, making it unsuitable for many twists and turns races. Aside from its acceleration, the thrust also excels at performing wheelies. According to the website, the thrust has an Inline-4 engine that produces 196 hp. The engine sound and 6-speed gearbox are shared by the Bati 801 and its RR variation. The engine sound and 6-speed gearbox are shared by the Bati 801 and its RR variation.

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GTA 5 Online: the way to get thrust

Legendary Motorsport is selling GTA 5 Online’s Thrust for USD 75,000. Any of your properties/garages can be used to store the thrust as a personal vehicle. Customization is available at Los Santos Customs. Alternatively, it can be modified in the vehicle workshop inside your estate. As soon as you have acquired the thrust, you can request delivery from the mechanic.

Places where you can find thrust

Available in Grand Theft Auto 5

The original thrust

Dinka thrust is available in every garage for every protagonist in a single player.

An enhanced version of thrust is available.

The enhanced version of thrust is available in traffic.

GTA 5Online

In GTA 5, online thrust has a price of $75,000 if purchased from Legendary Motorsport.


  • A part of the leftmost pipe constantly flickers due to the exhausts being offset to the left.
  • The “Twin Carbon Exhaust” upgrade adds another pair of exhausts without removing the old set, causing the engine to clip.

A real-life Dinka thrust

Dinka Thrust is inspired by the Honda CTX700, CTX1300, DN-01 motorcycle design.

The top speed of the thrust

GTA V’s Thrust tops out at 118.25 mph (190.30 km/h) as accurately measured in-game by Broughy1322.


What is the air thrust method in GTA 5?

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What is the quickest method for creating emotes in GTA 5?

To change your default, emote action, select ‘Action’ from the Quick Menu, then click ‘Style.’ Don’t worry if you don’t like the default; you can change it by heading to Inventory, which is another action in the Quick Menu.